We design landscapes.
Front yards and back yards, pools, courtyards, rooftops, suburban homes and acreages; coastal, hills and city, SA and beyond. We design connected residential outdoor spaces to draw your living areas out and pull the outdoors in.

Our Process

Our typical design package is split into four stages:

1. Understanding your project

After an initial meeting to discuss your project and understand your site, we'll provide a detailed, no-obligation proposal for your consideration. Just prior to design commencement, we will arrange a site visit to get a feel for your space, take any measurements required and refresh the design brief with you. 

Check out our FAQs below for advice on when to get in touch, and what we may need to get started.

2. The Initial Concept

We design in 3D, so at our first design presentation, we will present you with a comprehensive set of day and night 3D renders, along with a 2D concept layout, planting concept plan and material suggestion. You’ll get a good understanding of our proposed layout, major design features, rough dimensions and general planting and surface recommendations.

Using 3D software not only helps you to visualise the finished product and see how light and shade will move through your garden, but it also allows us to show you how various elements of your landscaping and home's architecture might look in different finishes, colours and styles. 

3. The Landscape Set

Once we have your feedback and you’re happy with the layout, we’ll move on to refining the design and adding all the detail. There are plenty of options when it comes to planting and materials, so we’ll recommend what works best to suit your design aesthetic, site location, conditions, orientation and maintenance desires.

You'll be provided with an in-depth set of plans covering dimensions, elevations, pool layout, planting, materials and lighting along with reference sheets for each as required. We'll also show you a range of options for materials such as natural stone, timber, pool tiles and concrete.

4. Handover to a construction contractor

We have built a strong network of Adelaide's best landscapers and pool builders who can construct your project, and will suggest those best suited to your job. Once you're happy with your design we can run them through the design with you to get the ball rolling on construction quotes. When working with one of our recommended contractors, you can be confident that we're kept in the loop throughout the construction and installation of your landscape, right up to final handover.

We understand that sometimes the need arises to change design elements when it comes to construction. We're always just a phone call or an email away to help, even well after your design is complete.

What makes your approach to landscape design unique?

We love designing to meet different briefs and complement a range of architectural styles, but we have a certain affinity for the natural Australian landscape and always look to mimic various elements within each project.

We go beyond the classic 2D plan approach when tackling a project, with each design first imagined in 3D before being translated to a 2D plan view. This gives us a complete understanding of how each element fits, flows and balances from the get go, as well as the ability to chop and change or swap out finishes, plants, colours and fixtures easily and quickly as we progress.

As a designer, Tom's background in landscape construction, environmental science and garden design inform all his design decisions and allow us to creatively work with any sites constraints and challenges. 

What are the advantages of having my design done in 3D?

Beyond a more cohesive and well-thought-out design concept, our 3D renders allow you to see the full landscape before you commit to it.  2D CAD plans will accurately depict the layout of your landscape, but they don’t tell the full story; a landscape is a dynamic, natural environment that’s ever-changing and evolving over time. 

We can show you how light and shade will move across your property, how seasons will affect planting, how garden lighting will illuminate areas, how plants will mature over time and quickly show you the impact of various structural alterations or material selections in your space. 

For a new build, you will see a realistic representation of the full exterior of your house, well before it takes shape. For an existing property, we can show you how minor alterations, paint colours and additions can improve and change the look of your home. The final 3Ds are also invaluable for your construction contractor to fully understand the design intent of each element of the landscape.

Do you manage the whole design process in-house?

Every element of your landscape design will be carried out by our in-house team, who you'll meet at your initial consult. You can have complete confidence that we have personally considered each recommendation of your design and we fully understand the space. Any information or residence documentation provided to us will remain private.

Do you handle construction as well as design?

We stick to what we do best, but have strong relationships with a number of Adelaide’s best landscape construction crews who can handle the build of your project from start to finish and manage subcontractors for any major works such as pool building, concreting, stone masonry, etc.

Once we have an idea of your landscape concept, we can put you in touch with the construction team best suited to your project and hand over the plans to them for quoting. While we don’t charge a project management fee, we always prefer to stay involved in the project as it progresses and answer any design-related questions.

How early in the process should we get in touch?

The earlier the better. For a custom, architectural build it’s best to involve us before the plans are finalised so that we can collaborate with architects and building designers to optimise flow between the house and surrounding landscape, as well as incorporate any hardscape elements early in the build if required. 

If working from a set plan or existing home, as early as possible to allow time for planning, approvals, quoting and engaging a landscaper to complete the works. Swimming pool location is a pivotal decision that can make or break a landscape and should be well considered prior to construction to provide the best possible result.

For an idea on our current design schedule and wait list, get in touch with us via the form below.

What do I need to provide?

We always start with an initial meeting where we run through what you're looking to achieve from your space and any site complications to overcome. For this meeting, we'll ask for any site and house plans you have on hand, photos of the site and any inspo imagery you may have collected already.

Once you're ready for us to get started, we may request the following:

  • House plans including elevations, floor-plans and any existing selections (new builds)
  • A survey showing boundary, existing residence, structures, trees, elevations and contours 
  • Access to the site for inspection (this can occur just prior to commencing the design)
  • Any visual references of your preferred garden style

Will you help us select the right plants, materials and light fittings?

Absolutely. We will run through these selections with you once you're happy with the concept, and show you options and material samples that work with your architecture, location, garden style and budget. Beyond 3D renders, final dimension plans and elevations, our design packages include the following: 

  • Planting plans showing location, pot sizes and quantities as well as reference imagery for each species or cultivar
  • Material reference sheets with imagery of each major surface and detail on location, surface type, finish and colour, as well as supplier information where appropriate
  • A lighting plan and reference sheet showing each fitting and their purpose in your design
  • Any relevant accessories such as fire pits, outdoor showers, specific pieces of furniture and pots

I have grand plans but want to tackle one particular area now, what’s the best way to approach this?

It’s always best to design for the big picture and work backwards. 

If you’re after a design for one specific space and are thinking you might consider other areas, get a pool or build a studio down the track, let us know now so we can create a master plan that reflects your grand vision. 

Individual elements can always be tweaked later on, but this way all areas will flow and fit together on final completion, you’ll save time and money on re-work, reduce your environmental impact and material waste and allow plants to settle and thrive in their right environment.

What are the costs involved and how will the design align with my construction budget?

Our design packages are based on an hourly rate matched to the scope of your project, which we will outline clearly in our initial proposal. 

We always discuss construction budget expectations with you at our initial meeting. It's hard to provide a construction figure prior to designing, but we can generally offer a ballpark range of what to expect or whether your budget and wishlist will align. 

To create a masterplan for your landscape that you'll love, we design primarily to your brief, keeping your budget in mind throughout the process and suggesting materials and plants that will meet your cost expectations without compromising on quality or style. 


We had an amazing experience with Nat and Tom. They saw our vision and brought it to life. They listened and offered their professional advice which we are very grateful for. I highly recommend them for landscape design projects.
3 weeks ago


Tom recently designed our dream backyard and front garden and we couldn't be happier. The designs are thoughtfully designed and beautiful. Tom was easy to work with – always good with communication and listening to our ideas. Plus he delivered the designs in a timely and professional manner. Would highly recommend Easton Design.
a month ago


I was referred to Tom by a friend and i could not be happier with the referral, its been such an easy, simple process and Tom's landscape plans exceeded what i expected, the renders provided are extremely realistic and provided an excellent insight into what things were going to look like. Everyone i have shown have been blown away by the attention to detail, Looking forward to the finished product!
a month ago


We met with Tom on a design for our front garden. Working with very little, except a requirement to have a magnolia tree, Tom came up with an amazing design that has now been completed. Tom was very easy to work with and receptive to multiple change requests. Each day we drive in the driveway, or look out the front window, we are very pleased with the massive improvement over the previous boring view. We know it's only going to get better over the next few years! We would definitely recommend Easton Design.
5 months ago


The Easton Design team were fantastic to work with. We were absolutely thrilled with their design based on our ideas, they knew us better than we knew ourselves. Would highly recommend.
9 months ago
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