Choosing the correct plants for the right conditions can make or break a landscaping project. EDS provides a selection of plant services from on site consulting to plant selection and supply.



The plant selection process requires an in depth site analysis taking into account sunlight, rainfall, soil pH and heap of other factors. We begin every planting plan with a 1-2 hour on site consultation to critically assess the existing conditions. This site consult can be a one off service or the starting point for the drawing up of a planting plan and irrigation plan.

  • On site meeting – 1-2 hours
  • Hourly rate
  • Next day delivery of plant list and reference images


Mood Board

We make it easy to compare the proposed planting combinations with reference images as well as common and botanical names for each of the selected species, delivered on via email and A3 colour print. 

  • Plant images with common & botanical names
  • Planting combinations and seasonal & bloom colour changes

Planting Plan

A scaled CAD planting plan will be drawn up clearly showing exactly where each of the individual plants are to be planted, as well as information on mature spread and canopy size.

  • Scaled A3 CAD planting plan
  • Clearly defined list of plants with location of each plant.

Plant Supply

Following acceptance of the planting plan, plant supply can be arranged including delivery to site, ensuring that each of the specified plants can be easily located and provided at competitive rates.

  • To site delivery of all plants on plant list
  • Planting instructions