Landscape Design

We offer the complete landscape design package from initial client meeting through to completed design development.


Client Meeting

The design process starts with an on site meeting to discuss the current state of the space (positive aspects and challenges), desired characteristics, user groups, built elements and overall mood. The initial meeting is fee free and usually takes 1-2 hours. A design brief will be composed following the initial consult and delivered via email on the following day. Upon accepting the design brief, a secondary site visit will occur to measure up, take spot levels and completely map out the existing site features.

  • On site meeting – 1-2 hours
  • Design brief – next day
  • Site Analysis – within the week

Concept Plan

Following acceptance of the Design Brief and a thorough site assessment, a concept plan will be drawn up that includes all major design features, general notes on planting, surfaces, irrigation and lighting. A second concept is often required and can be negotiated in the consultation phase. One revision is included in the concept plan stage. The concept plan will generally take 1-2 weeks and will be delivered in printed and digital format.

  • Concept plan – 1-2 weeks
  • Major features and general planting notes
  • 1 x revision included

3D Visualisation

This service can be used in conjunction with concept planning to very accurately visualised the desired look and feel of the proposed landscape or as a stand alone service for clients or other landscaping professionals. This is an extremely powerful tool to visualise the movement of natural and artificial lighting through the space during day and night. A 3D Fly-through can also be prepared of the proposed design. 3D modelling is usually completed within 2 weeks of accepting the design brief.

  • 2-3 perspectives
  • Option for 3D fly-through
  • Mature plant & tree sizes
  • Night lighting

Design Development

Following acceptance of the Concept Plan, a detailed landscaping plan will be prepared using CAD software to accurately map out and define the finer details of the design. A planting schedule will be provided along with details on garden maintenance. Further construction documentation can be drawn up if and when required.

  • Landscaping Plan
  • Plant Schedule
  • Lighting & Irrigation Plan
  • Construction Documents